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Welcome to Zen Asian Fusion Online

Zen is not just a meal. It's also art that can be experienced by all five senses. From our décor to our wait staff and cuisine, Zen allows for a totally emergive dining experience. We promise the use of only the highest quality seafood and fresh ingredients, all served to you in a uniquely relaxed environment. We have been honored to have hosted guests during some of the most spirited and joyous times in their lives, including graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and many memorable moments in between. We hope to share a few moments with you. Call or vist us today. Your special Zen experience awaits.

Zen (zɛn) — n
a Japanese school, of 12th-century Chinese origin, teaching that contemplation of one's essential nature to the exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving pure enlightenment
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